Beyond Barcraft p.1

Beyond Barcraft – a tale of grief and woe – in Starcraft and in life (p.1)

So we were at this bar at 04.00 at night and were thinking: Damn – this is just like SC2.

Earlier that day my friend accepted my invite to join a party – we wanted to start out with some nice 2v2. We popped open the first couple of beers in the afternoon at my flat – a standard 1 beer opening, nothing too greedy. Like a SC2 2v2 we were in total control of our common main base from the get-go. We soon decided to expand to a nearby bar however…. and it all went downhill from there.
The thing is. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan. You start out with a safe 1-beer expand and then move on to a defensive one-drink build. At this point a couple of old friends from high-school turn up and suggest that you make another expansion and start transitioning into mass shots tech. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now you don’t know. It’s a bit unclear what exactly happened (maybe lack of scouting?) but the fact of the matter is that all the shots are now gone, you’ve got no drinks left and some very intimidating tattooed guys with long greasy hair are approaching you. They obviously played for the long macro-game, having taken a lot more expansions than you, and although it might be the effect of the alcohol you are sure broodlings are spawning around them left and right…..

You get what we’re aiming at? Beyond barcraft is about the similarities of a night out in town and a game of sc2. In the near future it will become clear exactly how much the two have in common. Stay tuned for more updates, builds and strategies in Beyond Barcraft – a tale of grief and woe


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