If sc2 were WWII…

What race would represent the Americans and British forces? What race would represent the Russians? What race would represent the Axis? Questions that you, just as we, have probably thought about. But trouble your minds no more as we bring you the answers and the reasons behind them, so that at some barcraft you might be able to pose as the guy who knows all the important answers.

Let’s start out with 5 reasons pr race.

We’ll start with the easiest one – the Russians.
The Russian forces during WWII would be represented by “The Swarm”, and here’s why:
1) They fought in overwhelming numbers, just as Zerg do with lings and blings.
2) They fought best when the Axis pushed onto Russian ‘soil’.
3) They had huge reserves and massive production behind the Ural mountains, meaning plenty of expansions and the ability to re-max quickly.
4) They lost by far the most troops during the war, which usually is the case for Zerg.
5) A lot of the Russians most decisive victories were due to their ability to quickly setup flanks attacking from multiple directions.

The next we’ll take is the American and British forces.
These are obviously represented by the Protoss and here’s why:
1) Before D-day they faked a landing in Denmark, obviously using illusions to trick the Axis
2) Scrambling units and defending Great Britain required warp-ins of stalkers to handle the Axis air units, they just held, probably due to regenerating shields
3) Blue is Protoss main colour and is mostly the colour related with the American/British troops
4) As the only major power in the European battle Protoss used carriers… not that they played that big a role in the European war, but hey
5) Warping in units resemble paratroopers dropping behind enemy lines, being in danger as they walk in, we’ve all seen Band of Brothers, right?

And the least honorable role of the Axis goes to the Terran race – here’s why:
1) While having less map and thus less minerals they were able to keep up production until they ran out of resources = minerals – this could only happen because of the heavy use of mules
2) Their (siege)tanks were the core of the army along with other fast armored vehicles (hellions)
3) At the end of the war they deployed V1 and V2 rockets, just like seeker missile tech…
4) They had a fascination of Nordic Mythology – Vikings and Thors
5) The Axis built a lot of bunkers to protect against invaders, they should probably have salvaged them… now we just have a lot bunkers at some otherwise nice beaches

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