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Election time – which sc2 unit would you vote for?

Tuesday the 6th of November is the date of the next US presidential election. All the back and forth on who is most fit to lead the country got me thinking… Which Starcraft 2 unit would be most fit to rule a country, and which unit will be most likely to be voted in?

Let’s have a look at the candidates…

Candidates – Protoss:

Protoss in general are highly intelligent and patriotic making them seem like a race that can produce strong candidates. Protoss ability to use warp ins also make it easier for the candidates to tour around the country, in what I choose to believe to be an environmental-friendly way.

Link to artist site:

High Templar
– I think we could make a successful merger.

Highly educated and with no attack High Templar would generally be regarded as peaceful – until a youtube video of a psi-storm is leaked…
Coming from the highly esteemed Templar archive university people see them as clever and economically sound. They are however not likely to appeal to the working class, with their clear elitist profile.

– Tschhssuii woosh woosh rrrrg

The Sentry would be a darkhorse candidate. In general it is extremely versatile but in straight up debates or interviews it will never beat the templar. It looks a bit weird and communication isn’t its strongest side either.

However the ability to force field and use hallucination could give it an upper hand. Using hallucination to make it seem like it has more supporters than it actually has could be good for rallies. Delaying opponents for debates using force fields could also come in handy. Of course if these dirty tricks were discovered it would be game over.

Candidates – The Swarm:

The swarm candidates’ biggest problem in their run for presidency would be televised debates. None of them are exactly good looking and when they speak it tends to sound a bit guttural and disturbing. Televised debates would be a concern. Publicity stunts like taking part in eating contests, rodeos or the like should however secure some votes.

– Brarrg haauuh!

The most obvious candidate would be the overlord, due to its general leadership ability to control and coordinate other units. It also has a good strong name, a name fit for a leader.

Being huge flying gas filled creatures, with very little capability of speaking, will make public speeches and voter meetings hard. This could be mitigated by researching ventral sacs, which would allow for the overlord to carry a good speaker, that could address the public for him.

This is however a do or die move, as the voters would be sure to flee from the candidate if news broke that the candidate didn’t do any of the talking, but in fact all talking was done by a talented actor living inside the candidate…

Still I think the overlord would be one of the Zerg party’s more valid candidates. It’s not like all US presidents have been good looking or good public speakers anyway…

The Drone
– Bwlaurg bragga-ragk

Drones are blue collar workers, used to mine minerals and gas in harsh conditions. This will appeal to a large part of the demographic especially in economically trying times.

The drone also show ability to adapt, if needed they can morph into a spine crawler or spore crawler to help defend. Again public appearances is the greatest knock on the zerg candidate. The communication will be hard and a good campaign is needed to bring forth the message.

Candidates – Terran:

The terran candidates have a lot of appeal to the general public. However they do not have as strong an elitist profile as the Protoss, nor do they have the powerful and a bit scary profile of the Zerg.

What is best? To crush the Zerg, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the Protoss.

The Thor has a good strong presence when out in public. It also shows a lot of bravado and doesn’t seem frightened by anyone. Intellectuals would frown upon the notion that Thor doesn’t seem too bright, and probably isn’t the unit to turn around the economy.

The accent could either work in its favor or as a disadvantage depending on how the media decides to spin it. California once voted in the closest to the Thor on earth, proving the Thor is a viable candidate.

Battle Cruiser
– It’s a trap!

The Battlecruiser is an old war veteran having seen plenty of fights, appealing to the large veteran group of voters. His experience and leading role in the army is his greatest merits. The beard and his general presence could appeal to some.

His biggest problem is the rumors of him having a drinking problem, as well as accusations of him sometimes being a bit too “friendly” to some of his staff members. As long as that goes unnoticed he should be a strong candidate.

A few more thoughts…. worst candidates:
– Marine, extensive history of repeated drug use
– Dark Templar, invisibility makes it hard to believe what you are voting for
– Banelings, the risk of suicide, and who wants to through another election so soon…. really they are quite tiresome

Now there is only one question left: Which unit would you vote for?

This marine at least has made up his mind.

The origins of ‘The Circle of Cheese’

In this blogpost the topic of choice will be ‘The Circle of Cheese’. You might have heard about this phenomenon if you’ve watched the sc2cc commentary of the same name. If you haven’t – do not despair. Read on and you will learn all you need to know about this threat to the SC2 community.

A long time ago some guy somewhere decided to try out a 6-pool zergling attack. Obviously this build goes all the way back to Starcraft 1, but as no one with any self-respect play that game anymore, we won’t explore that further. Let’s just assume that Idra was the one who started it all in Starcraft 2. Having practiced the 6-pool build meticulously (it’s a hard build!) he felt ready to try it out on the ladder.

The first ladder-game ever played in Starcraft 2 where the 6-pool build was utilized was on the Korean ladder against a polite 14-year old, well groomed, Korean fellow. Let’s just call him ‘Chin Ho’  (a name which roughly translates to ”Precious and good’). Chin Ho, having practiced long and hard, held the first place in his diamond league. He was sure that with one more win he would certainly advance to Master League – the first step to achieve the fame and wealth of idols such as BoXeR and Flash.  Oblivious to the abuse Chin Ho was about to be subjected to he started out with a happy ‘gl n hf’ (or the korean equivalent thereof). Like an unbreakable  Piñata filled with manners Idra responded with a ‘fu’. Chin Ho, never having been on the receiving end of english insults before assumed that this was a polite greeting and responded with a ‘ : o ) ‘ and the game was under way. After roughly 3 minutes of ingame time the first zerglings appeared on Chin Ho’s ramp. With a small frown on his otherwise rinkle-free face Chin Ho started  micro’ing his workers around to face the threat. Having never faced this strategy before he failed misserably and just before the obligatory gg (or X X if you will) yet another insult were hurled at the innocent Chin Ho in the form of a, not very inspired, ‘noob’.
After having lost the game Chin Ho browsed a bit on the net to find translations of the english words he did not understand during the game, and even though Chin Ho was a mellow guy with a gentle nature this was a bit too much to handle. Feeling frustrated and alone Chin Ho decided there were only one thing to do. If he would ever have any hope of achieving the exalted state of Nestea and MarineKing he would have to employ the obviously winning 6-pool strategy himself…

And thus began the circle of cheese. Even though this particular circle have most likely been completed, since Idra have presumably been cheesed by someone who got cheesed by some guy, who lost to Chin Ho, new circles of cheese are being started all the time. Now you might be thinking “well – what´s a little cheese here and there. Why is this a problem apart from being a minor annoyance”. I’ll tell you why. If we take a look at some statistics regarding the circle of cheese this is what it has let to – and what it will lead to in the future.
Since the first cheese after the Starcraft 2 release in the end of July 2010 this is what it has come to:

Sure it started with just one guy but if each player who got cheesed subsequently cheesed another guy, and this happened every time someone got cheesed then by now every Starcraft 2 player have cheesed at least once. This is not the worst part though. If we look at the frequency of cheese it starts to get really scary.

Of an estimated 40.000 games of Starcraft 2 played each day by now 38% of the games contains cheese of one sort or another (just think of every time someone tells you you are cheesing). Or for that matter, that you are told you are a noob (this usually happens when you are winning – and when you are a noob who wins the only logical conclusion must be that you are cheesing).
If we extrapolate the data we have now we reach an alarming conclusion. By mid december 2012 for each one game of Starcraft 2 played two games will be won by a cheesing player (because let’s face it – cheese always wins). Just think about it (I didn´t).
In conclusion – the next time you are thinking about skipping drones and going straight to pool, or building a proxy gateway, you might wan’t to reconsider…

If sc2 were WWII…

What race would represent the Americans and British forces? What race would represent the Russians? What race would represent the Axis? Questions that you, just as we, have probably thought about. But trouble your minds no more as we bring you the answers and the reasons behind them, so that at some barcraft you might be able to pose as the guy who knows all the important answers.

Let’s start out with 5 reasons pr race.

We’ll start with the easiest one – the Russians.
The Russian forces during WWII would be represented by “The Swarm”, and here’s why:
1) They fought in overwhelming numbers, just as Zerg do with lings and blings.
2) They fought best when the Axis pushed onto Russian ‘soil’.
3) They had huge reserves and massive production behind the Ural mountains, meaning plenty of expansions and the ability to re-max quickly.
4) They lost by far the most troops during the war, which usually is the case for Zerg.
5) A lot of the Russians most decisive victories were due to their ability to quickly setup flanks attacking from multiple directions.

The next we’ll take is the American and British forces.
These are obviously represented by the Protoss and here’s why:
1) Before D-day they faked a landing in Denmark, obviously using illusions to trick the Axis
2) Scrambling units and defending Great Britain required warp-ins of stalkers to handle the Axis air units, they just held, probably due to regenerating shields
3) Blue is Protoss main colour and is mostly the colour related with the American/British troops
4) As the only major power in the European battle Protoss used carriers… not that they played that big a role in the European war, but hey
5) Warping in units resemble paratroopers dropping behind enemy lines, being in danger as they walk in, we’ve all seen Band of Brothers, right?

And the least honorable role of the Axis goes to the Terran race – here’s why:
1) While having less map and thus less minerals they were able to keep up production until they ran out of resources = minerals – this could only happen because of the heavy use of mules
2) Their (siege)tanks were the core of the army along with other fast armored vehicles (hellions)
3) At the end of the war they deployed V1 and V2 rockets, just like seeker missile tech…
4) They had a fascination of Nordic Mythology – Vikings and Thors
5) The Axis built a lot of bunkers to protect against invaders, they should probably have salvaged them… now we just have a lot bunkers at some otherwise nice beaches

Beyond Barcraft p.1

Beyond Barcraft – a tale of grief and woe – in Starcraft and in life (p.1)

So we were at this bar at 04.00 at night and were thinking: Damn – this is just like SC2.

Earlier that day my friend accepted my invite to join a party – we wanted to start out with some nice 2v2. We popped open the first couple of beers in the afternoon at my flat – a standard 1 beer opening, nothing too greedy. Like a SC2 2v2 we were in total control of our common main base from the get-go. We soon decided to expand to a nearby bar however…. and it all went downhill from there.
The thing is. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan. You start out with a safe 1-beer expand and then move on to a defensive one-drink build. At this point a couple of old friends from high-school turn up and suggest that you make another expansion and start transitioning into mass shots tech. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now you don’t know. It’s a bit unclear what exactly happened (maybe lack of scouting?) but the fact of the matter is that all the shots are now gone, you’ve got no drinks left and some very intimidating tattooed guys with long greasy hair are approaching you. They obviously played for the long macro-game, having taken a lot more expansions than you, and although it might be the effect of the alcohol you are sure broodlings are spawning around them left and right…..

You get what we’re aiming at? Beyond barcraft is about the similarities of a night out in town and a game of sc2. In the near future it will become clear exactly how much the two have in common. Stay tuned for more updates, builds and strategies in Beyond Barcraft – a tale of grief and woe